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Dealing with the Insurance Company After a Car Crash

Dealing with the Insurance Company After a Car Crash

If you are involved in a car crash, regardless of who is at fault, it can be frustrating dealing with the insurance company after the event. That is why you should be familiar with some strategies (e.g., accident attorney ) for dealing with the insurance company after a car crash. Your loved ones and friends will also benefit from this information, and they can serve as your advocate if you are injured and cannot speak for yourself after a crash.

Keep Calm and Stay Safe

If there are no apparent injuries, stay calm and call 911 to report the accident. Make sure you collect your thoughts before you talk to the other driver. Never threaten physical harm or indicate that you plan to sue the other party. If first responders recommend that you go to a hospital for a medical evaluation, heed their advice, as injuries may not always be apparent immediately after a crash.

Be Careful What You Say to the Other Driver’s Insurance Company

Avoid being chatty with the insurance company of the other driver. Representatives from insurance companies have friendly ways of getting you to share information that could work against you. They may also make an offer that you feel like to can’t refuse, but that offer will be in the company’s best interest, not yours. Never make statements such as “It was my fault,” or “I was driving too fast.” Additionally, refrain from threatening the other party in any way, including saying that you plan to sue him or her.

Contact an Attorney for Guidance

You can rest assured that insurance companies have attorneys and claims adjusters who work to protect their interests. Regardless of who is at fault, your attorney can help you evaluate your situation and decide how you need to follow up. Regardless of who is at fault, leave it to your attorney to handle the communication between you and the insurance company.

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