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A Brief Intro To Maritime Laws/Claims Relating To An Offshore Injury

Accidents that take place offshore in relation to maritime activities are significantly different than the accidents occurring on land. Thus,a complex and unique set of laws apply to manage maritime injury scenarios or seek compensation for an offshore injury. There are many unique maritime laws applying to specific categories of people and situation,and the associated damages recoverable with each could differ as a result. Some of them are as follows:

The Jones Act

This act enables an employee to sue his employer post injuries sustained on a ship. The law permits an injured seaman to sue his employer for negligence; and receive compensation for future and current medical expenses,disfigurement,physical pain,physical limitations,mental anguish,and the inability to earn anymore. Injured seamen are advised to retain amaritime accident for legal assistance.

Maintenance and Cure

This is a doctrine providing assistance to seamen injured while on a vessel till they attain complete health. Maintenance denotes the money required for daily living costs,such as housing,food,and basic utilities. Cure indicates payments of medical bills associated with injuries,such as hospital stays,emergency room visits,physical therapy,and surgeries.


When a vessel’s crew member is killed or injured due to the vessel’s unseaworthiness,the injured worker could sue the operator or owner of the craft for compensation relating to future and past loss of earnings,physical limitations,medical costs,and physical pain and anguish. The worker can also file a claim against negligence on the employer’s part. Unseaworthiness claims are distinct and could offer extra avenues for recovery of damages and compensation,according to Jones Act attorney.

Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act

This act allows several maritime employees to benefit from compensation for future and past medical expenses,physical limitations and pain,and earning capacity loss for injuries suffered on OCS (outer continental shelf),such as during an oil rig explosion or oil spill.

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